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January 1st, 2008

Resolved. . . .

Last year, I decided it would be realistic if I resolved to write every day. I wasn't talking about thousands of words, here, or hours at my desk (or cafe). I was talking about doing what I did when I was teaching. If I had 15 minutes, I wrote for 15 minutes, and was extra-happy when some hapless student turned up late to a conference or (best of all) didn't show up at all.

Perhaps you won't be surprised to discover that it didn't work. Even though I do write on planes, it's hard to get focussed if the flight's shorter than, say, 3 hours. And it's impossible at any length if I've put in a full day doing something that takes energy. The two weeks of Clarion, of course, were Right Out, as were the weeks while we were reading submissions for Clarion and recovering from Clarion and unpacking and packing for the next trip.

Then, while I was walking with Ellen in Riverside Park today, it occurred to me that I indeed have written almost every day this year. Just not fiction. I keep a diary, which I write in (yes, with a pen in a little spiral-bound book with a pretty picture on the front) almost every night. I write emails (oy, do I write emails). At Clarion, I wrote comments on stories and notes for student conferences. I wrote a GOH speech for Mythcon and I wrote letters of recommendation for students old and new. I also wrote three short stories, half of a middle-grade book, and almost 2/3 of The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen.

So, if my intention with last year's resolution was to be more productive in 2007, I guess I succeeded pretty well.

And this year? Well, I'm going to keep writing, so I don't need to resolve anything about that. What I could do better at is keeping up with my friends. Writing, yes, but also calling and inviting to dinner and having tea and writing dates with. I think I won't make it a resolution, since that seems scary to me. I'll make it a hope instead.

In 2008, therefore, I hope to spend more time with those people I moved to New York to be closer to. And I hope to answer personal emails before they recede down the screen into mail server limbo. And I hope my friends, both near and far, will be patient with my chronic absence of mind and believe that I love them even if I forget about them from time to time.

Oh, I'm also going to get at least one cool new icon. Any day now. And figure out how to make Flickr work for me instead of against me. Just you wait and see.


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