October 10th, 2007



Come one, come all to Faerie Con. It's in Philadelphia, PA, this coming weekend (October 12-14). There are cool panels, there is a Good Fairy Ball and a Bad Fairy Ball--and I've got costumes for both. There's Brian and Wendy Froud, Holly Black, Charles and Karen Vess, Kinuko Craft, and a bunch of other remarkable wirters and artists whose work I am not as familiar with, but look very appealing indeed. Our very own Ellen Kushner will be doing her Thomas the Rhymer performance with fiddler Joe Kessler on Sunday afternoon at 3--opposite a panel of mine, but them's the breaks, eh?

Do come if you can. It really sounds as if it's going to be wonderful. And come up and say hello, being kind to my Namesheimers and telling me who you are and where I know you from. Context is all for me, and I've never been to this con before.