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July 11th, 2007

Gijon 2

Back on the train again, retracing the route we took 4 days ago from Madrid to Gijon. It's a lot quieter and more empty this time, with no cameras, no buzz of excited conversation, no friends and acquaintances and new people to talk to. It is, however, sunnier and clearer, so that we can see out over the valleys to the next mountains more clearly, and the little stone and red-brick farms. It's haying season, and there are great rolls of hay dotting the fields, interspersed with neat rows of something dark green just coming up--I haven't the faintest notion what.

We're very sad to leave Gijon.

Non-linear narrative followsCollapse )

This was actually written yesterday. Yes it was yesterday, even though it feels a lot more like last week at this point. We just got home, having traveled for something like 15 hours more-or-less solid. You'll not be hearing much from me over the next weeks. Clarion is upon us, and much preparation must be done in the six days we have between now and leaving for San Diego. Yes, we'll be early for our Clarion stint. Ellen's working on a project with friends there. Me, I intend to catch up on my LJ and email reading, work on writing exercises, and make a start on my GOH speech for Mythcon. Getting back to Magic Mirror might be nice, too, but let's not get carried away.

See you after Clarion.


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