June 14th, 2007


Books That Are Left

I'm delighted to say there's been a flurry of activity over this, and many of the books are now piled on the dining room table with addresses attached, waiting to be packed up and mailed.

But not all of them.

I've list the books yet unspoken-for at the end of each of the previous posts. Come one, come all. There's still some good stuff left, particularly in the 18th c. French section. There's also one more Tudor book:

Morrison, N. Brysson, King's Quiver: The Last Three Tudors

from Ellen's collection.

One last time: Send me an email at cordsher at gmail dot com with requests and snail mail address. Should you wish to reimburse me, please give a donation to the IAF (online at interstitialarts dot org).