June 13th, 2007


Literary Criticism/Drama

OK, I've completely lost track of who wants what (except for Pamela Dean's Henslowe, which is In The Mail), so this is what I'm going to do.

I'm posting a list of the books I have left. If you want any of them, email me at cordsher at gmail dot com and tell me what you want and what your address is. Then go to www.interstititalarts.org and give the IAF a donation, which doesn't have to cover the postage (whatever you imagine it being) and will help the organization a lot.

I'm also dividing the lists by subject, so you don't have to futz around looking through a list of books you're not remotely interested in. It's going to be first-come, first-served.

We begin with the list hight: Elizabethan Drama + Critical Miscellaney

Berlin, Normand. The Base String: The Underworld in Elizabethan Drama
Smith, Irwin, Shakespeare's Blackfriars Playhouse, its History and Design
Hawkins, Harriett, Poetic Freedom and Poetic Truth: Chaucer, Shakespeare, Marlowe, Milton.
Reid, Robert Lanier, Shakespeare's Tragic From: Spirit in the Wheel
Harbage, Alfred, general editor. The Predecessors of Shakespeare
Wimsatt, W.K. The Idea of Comedy
Charlton, H. B. Shakespearian Comedy
Bradbrook, M. C. Shakespeare: The Poet In His World

Brooks, Cleanth. The Well-Wrought Urn
Watt, Ian. The Rise of the Novel
Empson, William. Some Versions of Pastoral
Eliot, T.S. The Sacred Wood

I'll post more as I have time to enter the titles. Anything unclaimed by the end of the month goes to the NYPL, to put up on their shelves or sell as they wish.

Tudor History & Biography

Neale, J.E. Queen Elizabeth I
Bindoff, S.T Tudor England (a Penguin History, from 1950)
Lytton Strachey, Elizabeth and Essex (a duplicate, this is)
Starkey, David, Elizabeth
Chute, Marchette, Two Gentlemen: The Lives of George Herbert and Robert Herrick
MacCulloch, Diarmaid Thomas Cranmer (At nearly 700 pages, definitely a definitive biography)
Williams, Neville, All the Queen's Men: Elizabeth I and her Courtiers
Howell, Roger, Sir Philip Sidney: The Shepherd Knight
Cowie, Leonard W. The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century
Bradford, Gamaliel, Elizabethan Women

And, last but not least:
George, Margaret, Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles (this is an historical novel about which I remember nothing. Long, though. By the author of Henry VIII)

Remember: email me at cordsher at gmail dot com with book titles, your name and your mailing address. If someone asks before you do, they get the book. And if you could donate a little something to the IAF, that would be sufficient recompense.

Medieval, plus a couple of things that were under things before

I'm coming to the end of the line, here. They take up more room on the floor than on paper, thankfully. Still, cut to come:

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These are miscellaneous anyone might be interested in:

Geddes, Elisabeth, Blackwork Embroidery (History, patterns, how-to)
Auerbach, Erich, Mimesis (Lit Crit)
Fiennes, Celia, The Illustrated Journeys of Celia Fiennes (A wonderful late 17th century journal of a woman who liked to jaunt about the English countryside, visiting stately homes and famous cities, then write about it. A very early guide-book writer, in a small way.)