May 29th, 2007


Changeling Chapter On-Line

Back from Wiscon, and what a wonderful con it was. When I've unpacked, I'll tell you about it. But in the meantime, among the many emails that had piled up while I was off frivoling, paneling, and eating cheese in the Feminist Republic of Madison, I found that Chapter 4 of Changeling, to which I wrote an introduction many months ago, is now up on Mythic Imagination, the webzine for Mythic Journeys. Even if you've got Changeling and read the chapter, go take a look. There's a Theo Black art piece at the top that just rocks and rolls and rules New York Between



Wonderful as always, GOH speech unique--as you'd expect from Kelly Link and Laurie Marks-- the statutory Tiptree silly song one of our best, the food at the lunches and dinners a nice complement to the excellent company and conversation, the panels as numerous as plays on Broadway and lots more entertaining, and the parties stimulating. I scored a beautiful charcoal-grey Chinese silk blouse at the Gathering clothing swap and a pair of pink-purple Barbarian Plum earrings at elisem's Haiku Earring party. I even think I can reconstruct the haiku I wrote to gain them:

Sword in the fruit tree
Blood on a young woman's lips
Barbarian plum.

Eh. I'm no poet.

The IAF/Endicott Studio party was a tearing success. I think it was a combination of the coffee and chocolate menu (courtesy of ktempest, who worked like a trooper to make it all happen) and the feng shue magic performed on one of the repellant suites in the Concourse Hotel by miep, who moved furniture into cosy groups and helped keep an eye on things. Oh, and Elise lent us a bunch of "Blue Bird of Happiness" lights that helped a lot, too.

Once again, I was too over-stimulated to go to much programming. Next year, I shall be on fewer panels. Next year, I shall request not to be made moderator of every panel I'm on. Next year, I shall sit down in my room with the Pocket Program and a highlighter and plot out what I want to see. Next year, I shall go to the Art Show before they take everything down. Next year, I won't be launching a book and giving a party. Next year, I shall go to panels.

Perhaps, on second thoughts, you'd better not quote me on that.</lj></lj>