May 13th, 2007



Well, we didn't win. Not in the sense of having pretty, swirly, sparkly lucite trophies to display. Those went to Peter Beagle and Jack McDevitt. Which is why we didn't at all mind not winning. And it was really very lovely to be presented, the night before, with certificates saying we were nominees and pins, and be applauded warmly when we went up to get them. I gotta hand it to the Nebs folk. They make being nominated a genuine honor.

Lovely long talk with papersky, too, out on the boardwalk by the Hudson, sitting on a bench near three small girls selling children's books from a card table. We had a postcard-worthy view of the Statue of Liberty and filtered sunlight and a light breeze. After the low, dark rooms of the Marriott, it was like heaven.

Congratulations to Justine Larbalastier and Liz Hand and Jim Kelly, too, who was so happy to win after I forget how many nominations that he was practically incandescent. It was a lovely (if long) evening.