May 1st, 2007


Kushners and Stoppard

After I posted my little ecstasy on Voyage, we spent the day with Ellen's Aunt-by-marriage Dorothy, in for a visit from Israel, where she lives. Among other subjects, we discussed blogs (with special reference to LJ, of course) and theatre (with special reference to Tom Stoppard and all his works). No sooner did she get back to Israel than she read my blog and sent me the following email:

I just read Delia's blog post about Tom Stoppard, and wonder whether you(se guys) knew that James Kushner, brother of Els, son of Ron and me, actually directed a production of Travesties during his senior year at U. of Chicago. The intensity of the effort caused him to delay graduation for a semester. Els was my proxy in the audience and admitted to me with reluctant admiration and not a little awe, that the production was really good, and that her own brother had composed/arranged incidental music and had directed actors speaking in Russian (and German?) How I wish I could find a videotape of it!

To which I add: Me, too.

What a talented family I married into, to be sure.

Shipwreck tomorrow matinee. I can't wait.