April 8th, 2007


Good Intentions

Almost 2 weeks ago, we saw Matthew Bourne's ballet of Edward Scissorhands at Brooklyn Academy of Music with Ellen's two young cousins. I was inspired. It was a cool experience, not as moving as the movie, mostly because they simpified and watered down the plot. Also, the mute Edward was just not as poignant as the talking one, although he had a very nice line in sad bewilderment, and a beautiful dream-sequence pas-de-deux with Kim, in which he (poignantly) has hands with which he can lift and hold her. It is echoed near the end of the ballet by a pas-de-deux in a very Tim-Burtonish cemetery in which he lifts and embraces her, scissorhands and all.

Very cool. The boys (14 & 17) liked it a lot. And, if I'd written about it next day, as I intended, I'd remember the insightful things they said about it. But I didn't, so I don't remember.