March 23rd, 2007


Loie Fuller Dances Again

Last night I went to a very cool benefit party for Jody Sperling, a young dancer who is recreating the kind of swirling-fabric/colored-lights dancing invented by Loie Fuller in Paris in the 1890's.

There was some wine and some cheese and a lot of perfectly delightful arts patrons I'd never met before. I had a couple of pleasant conversations about how dogs are much better company than Type-A husbands, academic publishing, how partner yoga is a lot easier than it looks (if you're 25 and very limber), and the cultural differences between Boston and LA. And the Chelsea loft was beautiful and airy beyond belief.

But that's not why i was there. I was there to do a favor for a friend, and to see the dancing.

Well, the friend couldn't make it, which was a pity. But the dancing, which only lasted for a few minutes so everyone could get back to the food, was splendid. Words, indeed, fail me, so I refer you to the Time Lapse Dance website: Look at the pictures. And if you're in New York on May 10 or 11, go see the show. I'm going to try and be there.