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March 19th, 2007

And They Lived Happily Ever After

It's fixed. It works. It has a brand, spanking-new, faster, bigger, better hard drive and updated software.

I am very happy.

It's too bad that I didn't get to Florida, but I did go to Lunacon, where I read bits of "La Fee Verte" to an audience that included rm, wordsofastory and several other wonderful folk whose LJ names I can't remember. It's not as easy to read a story as, say, Changeling, being more mannered and 19th c-like. In short, I'm going to need to practice if I intend to read from it again, so I don't run out of breath before I run out of sentences or put the emphasis on entirely the wrong word.

The best part of the whole con (apart from hanging out with aforementioned folk, all of whom are very good company indeed) was the Jr. Division of the Masquerade, which included a very small girl with very long hair and a very short black shift covered with bright cut-outs dancing the Queen of Shapes' "Welcome Peanut-Head" dance. The thing that kept it from being just too cute for words was the fact that she had clearly thought the whole thing through and was taking the dance, the costume, and her own responsibility as welcoming Queen completely seriously. I think she won the Junior equivalent of "Best In Show." And deserved it, too.

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