February 18th, 2007


Home Again

I saw the sun rise this morning.

Don't laugh. It doesn't happen that often, and mostly I don't appreciate it. But dawn over the rooftops of Paris was almost worth having to get up in the dark for. Everything turned almost as translucent a blue as it does just at dusk: L' Heure Bleu of song, story, and perfume name. And then there was a steak of that improbable pink-gold, just at the horizon, and then the light grew, always blue, but paler and cooler. And then I had some sheep-gurt (which I like even better than goat-gurt, but then, I'm odd) and then it was Sunday morning, and man, did I not want to leave Paris at all, at all.

But we had to, and we did and now we're home, and it's very nice here, too. For one thing, I can get on-line whenever I want to, without having to hump my laptop five blocks to a smoky bar.

Tomorrow, I'm probably going to see the sun rise again, since that's what jet lag does going in this direction. Then I'm going to catch up on my Friends and comment as inspiration hits. I'm going to unpack our suitcases and do laundry. I'm going to open the very reasonable linen sheets I bought at BHV on big-dog sale, and soak them, per manufacturer's instructions, overnight in cold water before putting them on the bed (after they dry, bien sur). I'm going to the gym. We walked off a certain amount of the butter and cream we've been reveling in, but not quite enough. And then, I'm going to fall over.