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January 6th, 2007

Weekly Update

Well, I did it.  5 For 5.

Monday and Tuesday were fairly easy--I was all pumped up with Resolution Energy, ready to write wherever I found myself, and with a little time in hand to do it.  I got pages and pages done, especially Tuesday, which I spent at a lovely cafe on Columbus and 83rd, with large windows and comfortable chairs (although the tables are a little high for really ergonomic writing).  Wednesday, I had a writing date with tempest and a doctor's appointment--not a problem, I thought.  The appointment was at 1; the date was at 3.  HA!  At 2:30, I called Tempest to tell her that I was still in the waiting room (I'd taken out my notebook by then).  I finally made it at 4:00, feeling somewhat discombobulated.  Luckily, Tempest was well ensconced in her own story, and set me an excellent example of calm concentration, which is one of the great wonders of writing dates.  The other is showing up with a notebook.

Thursday, another doctor's appointment (when you move to a new city, there comes a time when you tromp from new doctor to new doctor, lugging lists of medications and trying to remember when you had your tonsils out.  I'm as healthy as a horse, by the way, with normal bone density and no new cavities).  This time, I just opened the notebook when I got there and got in two pages before I was called.  When I got home, I typed it all in and moved it about some to try and do something about the glacial pacing, so that was a good day's work.

Yesterday, I knew was going to be problematical, owing to the Twelfth Night (well, erev 12th Night) party we were throwing:  8 people, 1 pot of lentil stew, 1 galette des rois (or King Cake:  puff pastry, almond paste, yum-yum), some sherry and red wine, and Noel Coward's Hay Fever (which providentially has 9 speaking parts in it, four of them very good).  Without the help of vschanoes, House Guest Du Jour, I'd never have done it.  She kindly went and bought cheese and bread and picked up the King Cake while I wrote--nothing new, just editing, but still, 30 minutes of work that gets me forwarder.

Barring a cook, a butler, a chambermaid, and a wife (by which I mean "housekeeper and general factotum"), it clearly takes a village to write a novel.

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