January 2nd, 2007


Resolutions, II

Just wanted to say that so far, I'm 2 for 2 on the writing thing.  Last night, I sat up in bed with a lapdesk.  Today, I walked to 83rd and Columbus to a cafe that will do very nicely, thank you, even though it's not anything like my beloved Diesel in Davis Square, except for getting all the payment stuff out of the way before sitting down with your food and having large windows and lots of light at the front.  And I've written lots (by my standards, which counts 6 hand-written pages as a really good day). 

And I don't hate what I've written.  It's very, very drafty,  the sentences are kind of lame, the dialogue is lamer.  It's a first draft.  it'll get better.  And the kicker is, it's not any of the projects I'm supposed to be working on, so I get to feel wicked and virtuous at one and the same time.

How's that for multi-tasking?