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December 30th, 2006

Character Horoscope

Yesterday, the latest of our houseguests, who happens to be an amateur (in the original sense of the word) astrologer, figured out the birthdate and cast the horoscope for Neef, the mortal changeling girl from "CATNYP" and Changeling.  He read "CATNYP" and asked me a few questions, went back into the guest room, where he communed with his astrology program, and came up with 2 possible birthdates, 6 months apart.  We talked a bit, and settled on the December 9, 1994 one.

It's amazing.  There she is, just as I'd imagined her, only more substantial, somehow, more complex.  And with more mythic resonance, now that I know how much air, water, earth, and fire are in her make-up.  She was born on a full-moon night, for crying out loud.  And no wonder she has so much trouble with the Dragon of Wall Street--she's all water and air.  I am not at all sure how I feel about astronomy as a true reflection of human character, but I'm currently very enthusiastic about its possibilities for character development and plot.

Anybody else out there ever do this? 


Greetings and Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody.  One day early, but better early than late, is my motto. 

I was writing about resolutins on larbalestier's journal, and it seems silly not to write about it in my own.

When I realized that I never kept my New Year's Resolutions, I pretty much stopped making them.  Until maybe 10 years ago, when I realized that the reason I never kept them was because they were 1) too ambitious; 1) too global.  "I will become a nicer person" is unrealistic.  So is "I will make lots of friends and never be lonely again, even though I'm working at home and don't see anybody except my sweetie for weeks on end."  What I did was resolve to have lunch with one person who wasn't Ellen every week.

That resolution, I kept (barring weeks when I wasn't in town, when I was seeing alot of other people anyway) for nearly 2 years.  It improved my outlook on life considerably, as well as moving a couple of friendly acquaintenceships up into the good friend category.  And even after I wasn't seeing someone every single week, I had gotten into the habit of calling people for lunch regularly.  So that one worked out well.

This year, I think I need to make a similar one about writing.  I think I need to say that I'm going to put pen to paper every day--not just in my journal, which I already do, but Fiction.  I think I need to resolve that I'll write something new, if not for the 3-4 hours I'd ideally like to devote every day, then 30 minutes.  The thing is to keep the muscles strong and supple and the brain in the prose-producing mode.  And then I'll have pages to send klages every week instead of the feeble excuses I currently send her.

What about you guys?


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