December 1st, 2006


New York Crafts Fair

We just got home from two lovely hours at the Park Avenue Crafts Fair, where we were "helping" artist Wendy Ellertson with her booth. Mostly, Ellen got her a cup of tea, and we watched the booth while she went and got a sandwich. The rest of the time, we cruised Crafts.

I guess I've been going to these things for a long time. There were many craftspeople I didn't know, of course, but it was amazing how many I did know--including the guy who made our wedding rings, 10 years ago: Tom Harwell, the Seven-Fingered Jeweller. It was Tom who explained to me how rings were decorated in the 15th Century so I could get it right in "The Fairy Cony-Catcher." He greeted us with hugs and cries of joy, and made us try on all the pretty sparklies he's made, even though we can't possibly afford them.

We saw many lovely silks, too, but nothing nearly as beautifully designed as Phoebe Z.'s flower capes. There was lots of the Ubiquitous Kimono shape, and some stuff that was just plain badly sewn. At Park Avenue Crafts! I was shocked.

We're going back Saturday to help again--and maybe even succumb to a pair of hoop earrings with tiny silver leaves in them that look stunning on EK. 'Tis the season, after all.

The Hour of the Wolf

Just in case any of you suffers from wee hour insomnia, tomorrow morning, I'm going to rise a lot more betimes than I usually do (like, 3:30am) and hie me to WBAI and be interviewed by Jim Freund on Hour of the Wolf. I shall read from CHANGELING and attempt to answer whatever questions he cares to put to me with what brain I can muster at 5 am.