November 23rd, 2006


School Visits

Thanks for your kind words about my Chapin School visit post ( )! I could get used to this (the school visits, not the comments - well, them too). Last week I spoke to a friend's kid's 5th Grade Class at the Heschel School. They were studying Dragons

For 45 minutes, I explained Dragons, with excursions into metaphysics, folk lore, and New York history. Two days ago, I got a lovely Thank You Note from all the kids, with several thanking me for explaining to them about "Folk Lord." Gotta work on that elocution! Still, they enjoyed themselves. When I did the book fair, I sold many copies of CHANGELIN--although not as many as I did at Chapin. Most of the buyers were girls, but one boy seized a book, disappeared into the school library, and came back an hour later announcing, "I'm up to page 40, and I love it!" Then we talked about the map in the front for a while.

Kids are great.

All of which is to say: If your school is looking for a middle grade author to come and explain Folk Lord or anything else, please get in touch. I'm willing to travel, too.