deliasherman (deliasherman) wrote,

Photographic Standoff Achieved!


Here are some Rye Bread rocks on an island in the Turku Archipelago, just in time for me to leave for Australia.

I have 405 pictures, some of which need to be pruned, but I've put as much time into this project as I've got right now. Do visit if you like, and browse at your leisure. If I've misspelled names, please send corrections, and if I haven't identified someone, it's because I didn't write down their name and it therefore receded into the event horizon of my horrible memory, so please tell me, and I'll fix it.

I still haven't got Flickr conquered yet, but I've got it surrounded, and that's better than nothing, right?

Thank you to all who encouraged and advised me. I wouldn't have had the spoons to go ahead with this without you. Really.

Tags: computer, finland, travel
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