deliasherman (deliasherman) wrote,


Since I've just taken a lovely sauna and have about as much ambition as a wet noodle, I'll refer you to ellen_kushner 's exclamation-studded and utterly accurate account of our day.

There are seagulls flying by our window, and the light is turning amber.  The fish was even better than Ellen suggested, the blueberry pie (which I am entirely convinced was cooked blueberries spooned over raw cookie dough) was delicious, the hegehog booties beyond adorable (they're sitting on the desk as I type, looking like something Tove Jansson would have drawn, and probably did), and a cool breeze wafting in the window.  Tomorrow, we'll be on a boat, put-putting around the Turku Archipelago and ending up in Nauvo.  It will be prime.
Tags: finland, travel
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