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Aqueduct Press Reaches an Important Milestone!

The wonderful and dedicated L. Timmel DuChamp has published, in the course of the 6 years that Aqueduct Press has been in existence, 50 (count 'em--50) books.  Which is a lot of books in a relatively short space of time for any small press.  Aqueduct has published new and reprint work by established luminaries like Ursula K. Leguin, Eleanor Arnason, and Gwyneth Jones as well as poetry, fiction, and criticism by rising stars like Andrea Hairston, Vandana Singh, Rachel Swirsky, and Helen Merrick.

Aqueduct has issued a reprint of Dorothea Dreams, Suzy McKee Charnas's wonderful Interstitial novel of the New Mexico desert, with an introduction by Your Humble Servant.

To mark Aqueduct's achievement, Jeff Vandemeer has posted an interview with Timmi on the Omnivoracious reader, as well as a short appreciation of Aqueduct on his personal blog.  His suggestion (and I think it an excellent one) is to celebrate this milestone in feminist spec.fic. publishing by ordering one or more of these excellent books, so that Timmi can go on publishing the stuff that's too strange, too gay, too diverse, too literary, too speculative, too feminist, too un-commercial for the Big Boys to take a chance on, even when it's been written by someone who has been published in The New Yorker and reviewed in The New York Times, like Ursula K. LeGuin.
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